Jerry Domask Fine Art My paintings and sculptures are intertwined with my experiences and observations from living overseas 5 plus years, extensive international travel and varied work environments crossing many disciplines, cultures and organizations.

Past creations have focused on my experiences during the Vietnam War during the 1968 TET Offensive time frame. Reflecting back 45 years has been a difficult and painful process. The creation of 34 Vietnam War multi-media paintings opened Pandora’s box to cry out and break down the barriers of anger and betrayal. I had returned to an America that vilified the Vietnam veterans. The war series has released me to move on with renewed vigor and enthusiasm to create work freed from the pains of the past.

The current time presents a constant search for originality and a heightened understanding of my craft; to use each new creation as a stepping stone for subsequent growth for future work. Essential to this process is experimentation with a variety of materials and techniques while minimizing repetition. The challenge is to go where I have not ventured prior, to be known for one’s own work, not likened to another.

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Design and fabrication of memorial monuments (turnkey operation) for civic, military and social groups. See Vietnam Memorial Monument in Gallery / Sculpture. Please contact Jerry for more details