National Veterans Art Exhibit at UNF

While serving our Nation during peace or war, a veteran’s life is one of disruptions, deployments and real threats of injuries, disabilities and death! How does one cope with the traumas of military life and hostilities of war? How does one survive and maintain equilibrium after these destabilizing and sometimes debilitating experiences? One answer is art!

The University of North Florida (UNF) National Veterans Art Exhibit provides veterans a means of self-expression and understanding of the scars that may still linger. Art can serve as a catharsis for invisible pain becoming visible as veterans search for emotional and physical stability. Art can release and lessen the trauma and mental torture of one’s past and present experiences in hostile environments. It can also open the door for enlightenment and understanding by the veteran’s loved ones and society.

Jerry Domask is working with UNF to bring this exhibit to life. Please consider helping us with a small donation. Funds from this donation will be used by the Veteran Artists, and their caregivers, for travel and lodging for the show.