Gallery > Reflections: Vietnam War 45 Years Later

The Vietnam War Series was initiated to document history from my perspective. It was based on my personal observations, shared conversations with my comrades-in-arms over the years, and former POW, Major Ted Gostas (RET). Major Gostas book titled, PRISONER, was a major source of insight and inspiration for the series. The message for Vietnam Veterans is simple and straightforward. It is okay to feel, to speak, and to share your feelings. You may hold your head high. You may be proud of your service. You may seek counseling. It is okay. “Welcome Home.”

It is the intention to donate the original mixed media paintings from this series to a museum that will provide an opportunity for wide public dissemination. Giclees are the same size in dimensions of the original artwork and include the same number of pixels per square inch.  These artworks will pay a special tribute of honor, respect and “thank you” to our veterans and the halls and lodges of their supporting groups and organizations.

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